Project Review





Dept/Section(s) Represented:

Position Held: Team Member/Team Leader/Project Leader/Product Manager/Project Manager


The objectives of the project review are:-

Please complete the questionnaire and return it to your Project Manager. If a question is not appropriate to your role in the project, simply mark N/A.

There is a section at the end to add any new questions which you think are appropriate to your project and which should be considered for future amendments to the questionnaire.

  1. How could the product and project objectives have been better defined?
  2. What areas were not well defined?
  3. Were the roles of the Project Manager/Project Leaders/Product Managers/Team Leaders understood?
  4. What would you have liked the following to have spent more time on:-
  5. Project Manager:

    Project Leader:

    Product Manager:

  6. What changes would you recommend to the project organisation structure, and why?
  7. What (if any) were the major omissions or inaccuracies in your part of the Product Definition (PD)?
  8. What would you have liked to have seen in the PD which would have been beneficial to your responsibilities?
  9. How could the process for pulling the PD together have been improved?
  10. Was the method of planning adequate? How well was the plan monitored, maintained and communicated?
  11. Do you have any suggestions for improving the planning process?
    Consider: Construction of the plan, communication, monitoring, maintenance.
  12. What were the factors which caused deviations from the plan? How could the original plan have been improved?
  13. How did the cost of the project (in your area) compare with what was planned? What were the costs which hadn't been anticipated?
  14. How good were the communications during the course of the project? Which areas worked well? Which area could have been improved upon?
    Consider: Department, Project Team, Other.
  15. How useful were the meetings? What would you have liked them to have spent more/less time on?
  16. Department Team Meetings:

    Project Team Meetings:

    Steering Team Meetings:

    Informal Meetings:

  17. How useful were the minutes you received? How do you feel they could have been improved? (If several i.e. Progress, Steering, please state which).
  18. How well did the decision making process work? How could it have been improved?
  19. What did you enjoy most on the project?
  20. What did you find the most frustrating?
  21. What did you perceive to be the most successful on the project?
  22. What did you perceive to be the least successful on the project?
  23. What are the things that we intended to do but didn't achieve?
  24. What changes would you recommend to the product development methodology, and why?
  25. What are the specific recommendations that you would like to make for future (similar) projects?
  26. With the benefit of hindsight, what would you have done differently?
  27. What could have been done to reduce the time to first shipments?
  28. What are the key areas which you think would benefit from reviewing further? (List up to 5 and indicate who you think should attend the review). 

   Your suggested questions/answers here